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What is Oxford Friends Action on Poverty (OxFAP)?


We are a committee administering a small grants fund on behalf of Oxford Quaker Meeting. The grants are to help tide over individuals facing a temporary crisis, with no strings attached.

Oxford Quaker Meeting
Quaker faith springs from the experience that each one of us can have a direct relationship with the Divine. Quakers find that by meeting together for communal worship we are empowered to find peace and strength for work in the world.

About our small grants fund

• We always make donations via an agency or organization working alongside the individual needing help, rather than to the individual directly

• Our grants to individuals are rarely more than £50 - £250

• We also make occasional donations to organisations working directly with people experiencing poverty, with       multiple problems

• We have no formal application procedure or set forms

How we decide our grants

• We give to people who live in Oxford

• We prioritise applications for small crisis grants that will help get people back on their feet

• We consider each case separately on its individual merits

Recent grants

  • Driving licence renewal to help with job application
  • D
  • Clothing, bedding and white goods for homeless people going into settled accommodation
  • D
  • Train or bus fares, or smart-enough clothes for interview attendance
  • D
  • Food and toiletries for women fleeing domestic violence
  • D
  • Contribution towards rent arrears to clear temporary backlog due to delay in benefit payments